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Hi. Thanks for visiting my about.me profile. I'm an established fashion/editorial photographer now producing on-location photoshoots for designers and brands. For the past several years I've been producing my own photoshoots in Houston, LA, NYC, Dallas and Miami; international photoshoots locations have included Tulum, Cabo San Lucas, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tabago, Paris and Dubai. My business model is simple: I provide photoshoot opportunities for brands and designers to have their products featured in on-location photoshoot productions at a fraction of the cost of a one-off, independent production. I work with a small group of talented international agency models and social media influencers; and top, international hotel brands and properties. My work has been featured across various sites on Instagram and published in a few digital online magazines. Click the button above to view my portfolio.

Our 2019 schedule is now open. Photoshoot locations include Cabo (Viceroy Los Cabos) and Tulum; we plan to return to Havana, Cuba, the Bahamas in the Summer; and Thailand in the winter.

If you have a dope concept and you’d like to get in touch, drop me an email at mark@faschiony.com. Or feel free to say “hi” through any of my social media lnks below.

Thanks...Safe Travels!

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