Halvorsen Hernandez

An artist spends years honing his craft. H-e writes world-class songs and performs them in a manner that moves his listeners to tears. He records a demo tape and sends it to record labels. H-e gets a deal and becomes rich, famous and adored.

The lesson: demo tapes are the secret to become a famous artist.

Wait, you say, the test tape was just something, just his means of promoting his skill. It's his power as a musician that got him the agreement and made him famous.

You're right, needless to say. He may have become just as famous if a record executive found him face-to-face, or heard about him from a friend, or as a result of a number of other activities.

Which brings us to the news release.

Somehow, the press release has taken on a status while the alpha and omega of advertising. Want to become rich? Distribute a news release. Wanna become famous? News release. Wanna get on the cover of Newsweek? Press release.

Publicity 'gurus' are springing up all over the Internet touting the news release while the solution to all advertising ills. Just knock out a release, mass email it to journalists, sit back and wait for Oprah to call. In the event you claim to dig up further on high quality top movies, we recommend many online libraries you should think about investigating.

It is a cruel joke.

Here is the reality: the press release is no longer important to your potential of scoring free press than the demo tape was to your musician friend. If he had no ability, if his songs sounded like waste, the most effective recorded demo tape on the planet wouldn't get him signed. Ditto for the publicity seeker. If you do not have a story to tell, your press release is utterly useless.

I am not knocking the news release -- it's an essential instrument. Nevertheless it is merely that: a tool. It is maybe not the very first thing you need to think about when it comes time to get publicity. In-fact, it's one of the last. And it is not even absolutely necessary (I've gotten plenty of advertising with only a pitch letter, a quick e-mail or a phone call).

If you worship at the shrine of the news release, it's time to arrange your priorities. Here, then, are what are MORE crucial than a news release in creating publicity: