Fatou Sogoyou

Born in Togo (West Africa), I moved to Washington DC early in life to seek a bright future. I am now proud to say that I have taken the first steps in engineering another American success story!

In March 2014, my little brother JJ and I had the idea to start a brand. We wanted it to be a brand that highlights the beauty of living in a foreign society, a melting pot; at the same time we also wanted to be able to donate part of the profit to charities and refugee camps to help with basic human needs. From this desire spawned the creation of World Citizen Brand.

The brand firmly believes that living in a peaceful society is both an outward and inward process. Outwardly it is a way of life in which we respect and love each other despite of our cultural, religious and political differences. Inwardly we need to search in our hearts and minds to begin to understand the fear that causes our impulses to violence. If we do not do this and instead continue to ignore the rage within, the storm outside of us will never subside.

Let's put our differences aside and embrace each other's company.

Thank you for visiting; how can we grow together?