Febio Colauttis

Bangkok, Thailand

Have you ever seen where the life you want to lead? every day and 'one day when I learn to see where this road takes me ..... the joy of living never fails and the hand of some person on my head leads me to see many new things. I learn every day with my mistakes and this helps me to do better tomorrow and tomorrow again. Mistake less and less say lies and try to use the heart when it 's the right time to use it. Amare and 'a part of life that not many people know to get there and only a few know truly love and find that moment when a simple smile can do to open the clouds of happiness' of some people. Give everything in life to those people who deserve it and if something ends' cause there will be 'a better start in front of the same people,' cause the 'true friendship never dies and die' never, 'cause that' friendship taught us to live better and make us become better men. The 'love never dies el' true friendship 'immense. We make mistakes and we know, but we do them because 'l' love every so often and 'blind and does not show us everything. Mistakes and 'human and can never go wrong by just' cause life brings you to these limits to bring happiness' in that person.

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