Fei Han

Hello! I'm Fei, currently working in healthcare management consulting with ZS Associates Shanghai. My academic background is in engineering with a Bachelor's of Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia and a Master in Engineering (Computer Science) from Cornell University.

I joined ZS post graduation from Cornell, since then I've worked with top pharmaceutical clients globally to help them solve their sales and marketing challenges and improve the performance of their sales organizations. My project experience has been in forecasting, sales force restructuring and sizing, market segmentation, data mining, and sales force operations implementation.

I was born and raised in Northern China, my family immigrated to Canada when I was in grade school. Since then I've moved around the world and lived in different cities every few years. I've lived in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Ithaca, Princeton, Beijing, and Shanghai. I'd like to continue exploring the world to gain different perspectives and meet interesting people.