Fernando Cea

Technical Director in Londres, Reino Unido

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I am a argentinian software developer. I was born in Bariloche.

When I read my first time about software and the posibilities that provide us to the real world I've never stopped to look every day how to dismantle by myself everything.

About me, I get on with software stuff in general and I focus lately my career on front-end technologies, specially on new trends, HTML5 APIs, NodeJS, RealTime Apps, WebRTC, among others. In fact I've been as a Technical Leader on the traveling site of American Express on UI. Also on proof of concepts of UI/UX/APIs for K12 Schools and Deloitte, for USA as well.

I believe that the knowledge ought to be on constantly movement, thats the reason I've been extra effort on organize workshops about Open Source and Open Information for the community, specially on Bahia Blanca, Argentina.
Also I like working in groups and I have a tendency to leadership. Since 8 years ago I founded my personal software factory company that I lead and share with a little group of developers, on freelance projects.
I'm pretty sure that I can change the world, I have ideas and I have energy to do everything to posible. This I'm.