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My two main interests (passions) can be summed up wasily as Fire/EMS and Writing/Reading. I have always felt that Public Safety workers (Firefighters, Paramedics, Police Officers), and those who serve in our Military, are the true heroes. From the time of my first memory, as a child, watching firefighters leaping from the station's pole to their truck (who remembers those), their feet never touching the ground, I was (I guess you could say) hooked. I am not, myself involved in the firre, embergency medical, or police services in any way but, as mentioned before, have a lot of interest in those areas. My desire and goal is to share awareness of the work that Fire, EMS, and Police Personnel do as well as sharing information to help those professionals do their job efficiently and safely. My number one Moto #StaySafe!! #EGH

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