Francesco Gadaleta

Computer Scientist, Researcher, and Director in Belgium

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I am Francesco Gadaleta, PhD. Researcher. Since my childhood computers and math have dominated my life.

I am the founder and Chief Scientist at Amethix Technologies a company focused on data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As researcher in Computer Science at the University of Leuven I developed novel hypervisor-based approaches to computer security, some of which became core technology at VMWare. Download my dissertation

As member of the Statistical Genetics Unit at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Liège, I have been searching for solutions to integrate heterogeneous data (OMICS) within common analytics framework, assembling networks and merging clinical and genetic data together to make predictions about the risk of diseases for patients in a pre-symptomatic fashion.

I have been research data scientist at the Gasthuisberg Research Hospital located in Leuven, Belgium - one of the largest research hospitals in Europe - and member of the Non-Invasive-Prenatal-Testing NIPT research group.

As member of the Advanced Analytics Team at Johnson & Johnson I designed and implemented the most accurate predictive models for disease interception and drug recommendation. In addition, I have advised a number of big data technologies and strategies that turned out to be essential to the organization on a global scale.

I have been Chief Data Officer at acquired by Envestnet Yodlee Inc.

I am the co-founder of (decentralized machine learning factory) a platform that allows data scientists to perform machine learning model on the private data of organizations.

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    • Polytechnic University of Milan
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    • University of Liège