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Florence Lince in Greenville, South Carolina

Florence Lince in Greenville, South Carolina

In 2011 when my husband retired we began a four year odyssey whereby we traveled through four continents and to over 24 countries. We then lived in each of the following countries for six months each; Panama, Mexico, Scotland, Croatia, Spain. It was an amazing time.

Back here in the United States I have lived in NY, CA, WA, OR, NV and now SC. Talk about from sea to shining sea.

Our travel lust and desire to see more of the world has not diminished however and the best is yet to come.

I am currently working as a virtual assistant helping people with everyday tasks such as planning their travel, general office duties and helping them with whatever they have to throw at me. No job is too big or too small. As I tell my clients they just have to 'go with the flo'.

  • Work
    • Journalist in the Web Series; Discover Croatia