Amanda Fong

I am Amanda, but I’m sure you’ve gotten far enough to figure that out! What you may not know, is that I’m a passionate swing dancer, that I love music; that I’m a plush toy collector, that I love haute couture and vintage fashion; that I’m a social media marketing enthusiast; that I fancy the realm of design; that I have a sweet tooth; and that I dream to travel around the world.

Home base is in Montreal, Canada. (Yes, I am a French-speaking Asian!) However, I’d like to think to myself that one day, I will be able to set up many many other home bases all around the globe. I have always been fascinated by the world’s different cultures and enjoy learning languages. Places I dream to visit include Japan, Europe and more of China. Here’s a fun fact: I collect rocks from around the world; I want a piece of everywhere in the world in my room. I speak fluent English, French and Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), and have learned somehwere in time some Spanish, Japanese, German and Korean.

Feel free to write to me in any language you like! (I will have fun decoding messages.)
I welcome you to my realm of happiness!