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Forest Berg

Seattle, Wa.

Graduate of Humboldt State University in Natural Resources. I worked for the Forest Service for eight years and a few years with the National Parks and State Parks. I am well versed in Pacific Northwest ecosystems, forestry, and interpretation.

I currently work for GreenEarthCity on sustainable development along with coaching individuals to sucess in there endeavors and goals. I can coach you from anywhere!- the magic of Skype.

You can check out the music I produce under the project Hugmachine I both teach and play Guitar and Djembe a strong passion I've had for years.

As a society, we must stay abundant and work together to create a now which is in balance with the Earth and ourselves. I have a belief in ecological principles and a faith in abundance rather the a scarcity mentality. Our minds are powerful and through belief we can affect change first within ourselves which in radiates outward.

REFUSE the armageddon mentality we can and wil work together creating the now we dream of today.

Some of my hobbies: yoga, escrima/kali martial arts, geology, ecology, mountain biking, sustainable design, snowboarding, chess and people.


I give thanks for each moment that has been graced to me and to you who take the time to stop by and read my page.

  • Work
    • Sustainability Project Manager
  • Education
    • BS Natural Resources