Forskolin Belly Buster Reviews

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With a name like 'Forskolin Belly Buster', this diet supplement has to work, right? Well, not so fast!

Marketed as a product that speeds up the body's metabolism rate and focuses on burning only fat cells and never touching muscle, Forskolin is an herbal extract from a mint plant. Yet why are we hesitant to give it the stamp of approval as a weight-loss supplement?

Well, unlike many weight-loss supplements, this product actually did do two studies.....ONLY two (which is two more than many other supplement firms would undertake...).

One was a small study focusing on overweight and obese males; yet there were only 15 subjects in this study, which only lasted for twelve weeks. The results? Well, the subjects DID see their body composition change- a significant reduction in BMI and more bone mass coupled with lean body mass.

HOWEVER....not one subject actually lost weight. Even worse (?!), serum-free testosterone levels saw a significant spike in all subjects- a spike in testosterone levels is rarely healthy (!).

In another study, 23 slightly overweight women were also observed taking this supplement for twelve weeks. At the end of the study, not one subject showed any weight loss nor change in body composition.

In other words, two clinical trials both ended in strikeouts for Forskolin Belly Buster.

So the proof is in the scientific pudding- not only did none of the 38 test subjects lost weight over a twelve-week trial, the men saw significant spikes in their testosterone levels, which is bad news for the body on several fronts.

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Conclusion: Best to give this product a miss.