Franco on the Bass

Reston, VA

I play bass guitar. It's not my main job but I love when I get to do it and I intend to do it more, whether solo or with other musicians.

It's my goal at this time to find some musicians to collaborate with for songwriting and performance. And hopefully these collaborators are located somewhere in Fairfax County, though my history of past behavior shows I have been flexible about this.

My purpose is to make some music that is based on but doesn't cleanly fit into rock/reggae/folk/pop/blues/jazz and doesn't always sell drinks or qualify as danceable (though some of that is definitely fine with me). Long term, my purpose is to write, record and perform music which is "pretty", complex, and poignant. On occasion, funky. Always with groove. :)

I'm not looking to be a rockstar or a full-time musician.

Current Initiatives:
- Exploring the modes over 2/3/4 string sets.

My previous experience includes a number of bands from all across the DC area (in reverse chronological order):
- (I took a break in 2008 to get some things in life sorted out. I didn't play much in the interim. But I did dance a lot and learn photography. Now I'm back, and I'm ready!)
- Jumping For Strangers (with Chip Carvell, Doug and Jackie Martin)
- Cerulean Groove (with Laura Cerulli, now of Mama's Black Sheep)
- Sould (now Matt Waller Music)
- JP Corwyn

What You Can Expect From Me:

I have experience. I have gear. I have transportation. I have a professional attitude and a commitment to the music. I try to avoid long drives in DC's rush hour so please be awesome and near Reston. :)

  • Work
    • Network Engineer for Juniper Networks
  • Education
    • Anthony Wellington
    • Bassology