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Sri Lanka Business Visa - Dead or Alive? You have to give a Business Letter that's printed on your institution's letterhead. Competitors are almost always fantastic for the person. The Thai Tourist Visa permits you to stay longer than that which the VOA (Visa On Arrival) enables you to stay in Thailand.

Tourist visas are usually issued for a maximum As a visa applicant, you will have to establish that you satisfy all requirements to get the category of visa for which you're applying. If you get rid of the passport which comprises the valid ETA you may put in an application for a fresh ETA by paying the appropriate fee again.

The individual going to Sri-Lanka should submit an application for a business visa at Sri Lankan e-visa site. What are necessary to find an India visa from various nations in the world. If you are going to Sri Lanka on any visa besides the business visa, you aren't entitled to conduct any business proceedings.

So, starting a business which sells cement is among the sure ways to earn money in Sri Lanka. The culture and company practices are extremely different in China compared to any western nation. Petroleum While establishing a refinery in Sri Lanka would expect a capital much higher than that which the typical individual investor can afford, this would be an extremely wise business move for corporate investors.