Frank O'Brien Jr

Portland, OR

I am passionate about many things, but topping the list are my family, music and the field of education. I’ve got three boys and they are equally, irreverent, silly, talented and awesome! My wife is my “one and only” and a spit-fire in its truest form. So don’t ask how I stay so fit even when drinking beer regularly: young boys and feisty, curly-headed Irish gals keep you on your toes and burn calories.

I write and perform my own blend of Americana/Folk and make up songs about just about anything. I sometimes teach school in Portland and have spent the past decade teaching in public, private and homeschool environments. I’m more interested in learning than in conventional education. My hope is to work with other luminaries to create a school model that focuses on what we really need: a sustainable culture.

Thanks for checking in. I love you!