Freddie Zhao

Student, Volunteer, and Musician in Troy, Michigan

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Hi, I'm Freddie. I'm a senior at Troy High School and proud to be one. Relating to academics, I love problem-solving, determined to achieve what I set out to do. Whether it's regarding a mathematical graph theory research question or learning how to play a measure from Ravel's Ondine on the piano, I'm always up to the task.

My quest for knowledge has not only allowed me to succeed in school, but I've also had the privilege to participate in a multitude of opportunities to where my desire to learn more about math, music, and the world. But my hunger for knowledge isn't quenched; it's fueled, and whether or not I get to publish a research paper, perform onstage, or help others in doing so, I'll have enjoyed not just the result, but cherished every moment of the hard-fought journey.

Aside from academics, I love helping other people out; regardless of the nursing home or soup kitchen, I'm always willing to give back to others in the way they've all contributed to society.

Whether you catch me on social media, a chess game on Friday nights, or an unscheduled meeting, I'm always willing to talk about anything and everything: how a new algorithm was discovered, new artists' music, about life, and anything else that's up for discussion.

Anyone up for a chat? Don't worry, I won't bite. After all, I love getting to know other people and learning others' stories. What's yours?