Frederick Vandenbosch

Lokeren, Belgium

I'm Frederick, Software Test and Integration Engineer by day, Maker/Hacker/Tinkerer by night.

When I finished my studies in 2007, I didn't really know what it was that I wanted to do. I figured that by working as a Software Test Engineer, I'd come in contact with different technologies and technical domains, which would also provide enough variety to remain interesting. I managed to get a job close to home, at Newtec, and have been working there since.

The projects I work on involve multimedia exchange services over satellite, where I get to play on interest subjects such as VoIP, video coding, satellite transmissions and many more.

As for my hobby, I discovered Arduino and the Raspberry Pi in early 2012. By the summer of that year, I managed to get my hands on an Arduino starter kit and a Raspberry Pi. What followed was a lot fiddling about and experimenting with both, gradually learning about electronics/prototyping/soldering/etc ...

In December 2013, my submission for one of element14's Roadtest Challenges (the Pi NoIR and Catch Santa Challenge) was selected. I blogged about my project, tried to involve my young daughter as well, and we eventually won that challenge.
That was a great confidence boost for me and a confirmation I was on the right track. It was also a turning point for my hobby, as I moved from fiddling about to working on actual projects.

I have since then been participating to other challenges, creating new projects and blogging about it all. My project blog posts can be found on the element14 website.

Some day, I hope to turn this into more than just a hobby.