Fred Kloet

Small Business Owner in Arnhem, Nederland

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Born in The Netherlands in the town from the movie 'A bridge too far', Arnhem. Studied facility management (FM) at the first ever FM institute in NL. Married Maddy and traveled a lot with her. Worked for ten years in the consultancy of one of the professional leaders. Starting as employee #2. Leaving as member of the board as employee # 120. Discovered the essence of Europe while working in Brussels for two years. Sold our fantastic 1880 'gentlemans house' in The Hague to combine living/working in NL with living/working near Roma, Italia. Learned the true meaning of cultural diversity and respect and how that connects to roots and the New World of Work. Enjoyed the countryside, got inspired by Maddy, Jut and Pien, learned to appreciate alternative ways of looking at live and work. Became vice-chair of the European association in FM. Left Italy after nine years to go on a normal holiday again and think about what's next. Started a business, sold it and started a new one. At 55 focussing on growing the business and building my own house.