Director, Actor, and Editor in Los Angeles, California

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Fredo Rock was born in Puerto Rico (U.S.) and raised in both P.R. & New Jersey. His mother's name is Arlene. His Father's name is John. Fredo Rock is the oldest of six siblings. He attended Edgewood Regional High School, and was involved in sports like track & field & wrestling. His other achievements was Computer Aided Drafting (C.A.D.), English Literature, Honor Roll, Geometry, Trigonometry, & A.V. Dept. (Video Production). After graduating from high school he joined the United States Navy and attended classes & training such as Hospital Corpman School, Surface Warfare Training, Diplomatic Ambassador, Damage Control (Fireman) & Communications Dept. His expertise was communications. F.R. had life changing experiences while in the Navy, as he traveled about many locations on earth by the age of 20yrs. These early experiences led him to develop an Altruism perspective along w/ many other valid perspectives. F.R. afterwards worked many jobs in between to save enough money to try something different in life and moved to California. F.R. settled in California w/ very little money in hopes to find decent work. Soon after he signed up w/ Central Casting Los Angeles, and landed 2 featured roles in the film 'Alien Arsenal' & N.B.C's 'The 60's'. In later years he also landed featured roles on '24', 'Live Free or Die Hard', & CBS Television program 'Cold Case', this enabled him to join S.A.G./A.F.T.R.A. F.R. currently resides in the Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Education
    • Academy of Art University