Fredric Russo


I am Fredric. You can call me by my full name but I prefer to be called Fred.

Many people are fascinated by many different things in life. Mine is about technology. Think about this. Technology is a field where change is the only constant and the rate of change can be quite scary to most people.

Ask your parents or grandparents to edit a Word document or apply a filter to the photo that you've taken together. What takes you minutes is a daunting task to them. That is what we know of as technology generational gap. We may think it is a laughing matter now but fast forward yourself twenty years down the road.

Currently, we are already seeing a transformation from desktop computing to tablets and cloud computing. If the sound of it is nauseating, then we'd better be warned and do something to keep ourselves updated. Otherwise, fiver years down the road, we'll find ourselves like a dinosaur in the brink of extinction.

I am a tech enthusiast who happens to have deep affection with writing. I am a self-proclaimed tech blogger and I hope through my writing, I am not only benefiting my readers, but keeping myself relevant to this crazily changing world of technology.

I am opened to any opportunity. Feel free to drop me a line if you think there is any meaningful way I can contribute to your interest.

  • Education
    • University of Georgia