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Manual search engine submission is the very best, successful and preferred strategy when it comes to submitting your internet site in the search engines. Search engines anticipate every single details of the website to be filled in manually by means of their site mechanism. Automated submission by means of back door is regarded as as a SPAM in most of the well-liked search engines and directories.

There are hundreds of common and niche search engines which are eager to accept your internet site if you submit the needed info in the appropriate category according to the submission guidelines. The question is how you are going to do the search engine submissions and which search engines are you going to submit in? Surely you dont want to submit your mortgage website in a "wellness directory or place it in the sports category of a general net directory.

You might have come across

Completely automated search engine submission service that submits your website to 90,000 search engines on a click of mouse ... IN SECONDS!"

and lot of other softwares which claim to automatically submit your website to thousands of search engines and directories. The rates of these submissions are quite affordable and so is the result of these submissions. Probabilities are your website will be blacklisted by some of the well-liked search engines and directories. Consider the facts ahead of you use a software program or service to do automatic search engine submission.

Every single search engine and directory is unique and the have a variety of features which differ in

Diverse categories and sections. (Some may have as much less as 12 primary categories even though other people have far more than 3000 categories classified into sub categories and inner categories. The category names are not constant across the directories)

Distinct sorts of form input. Some search engines will ask for a very couple of details of your internet site whereas a dedicated account is needed in other individuals for submitting your site. If you are concerned by operations, you will possibly desire to compare about quality better than linklicious. You need to do a detailed registration by offering phone numbers, address and so on.

Registration and confirmation approaches. For a second way of interpreting this, you may check out: