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On line bingo chat has produced a complete new language permitting players to chat immediately without being forced to write out long sentences. Its also a great way for participants to show support and enthusiasm, and it generates a sense of community amongst on the web bin...

Earning apart, conversation is the best part of on the web bingo! Participants have a great time chatting to one another during on line bingo conversation activities. Dig up additional information about bingo online free by going to our dynamite site. Relationships are created between people, and Chat Leaders interact the talk too.

On line bingo chat has produced an entire new language enabling people to chat immediately without needing to write out long sentences. Its also a good way for players to show enthusiasm and confidence, and it develops a feeling of community amongst o-nline bingo players also.

Talk is consistently growing. Chat is taken up to an entire new level, with cool additions like the unique chat sounds at online bingo websites such as http://www.bingodrome.com! The sounds are triggered once the terms are entered into the chat window, and each chat noise is in a different voice. I discovered homepage by searching the Internet. Correct spelling is important, nevertheless, in the event the conditions are not spelt properly since the sounds won't be activated!

These are a few of the commonly used online bingo talk terms:

1TG - Only One To Go

2TG - Only 2 To Go

3TG - Only 3 To Go


CARDS Time For You To Get Cards, Roomies

GIMME - Gimme Gimme

GLA - Good Luck All

HOUSE - House

LOL - Loud Fun

LOVE - I Love That Position!

MAMAMIA - Spicy Meatball

MMM - Mmmmm

INCOME - Show Me The Money!!!

NT - Im Almost There

POT Wonderful Container

GREAT - Terrific!

TY - Thank-you

TYVM Thank You Very Much

U2 You Too

WD - Congratulations

WIN Great Win

WONDERFUL - Wonderful

WTG - Way To Go!

Respect is important, therefore be sure you do not use offensive terms in online bingo talk activities. Keep the environment pleasant and rememb