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If you download for free horror torrents moviesyou’ll see that being a parent is hard enough when you have your own child because it seems that does not match any advice and then you have to apply what methods do you fit to educate and protect child.

“Maggie” it shows one of the tightest relationship between a girl and her father and although it is known that fathers and daughters have a strong bond so is the case of this father who loves his daughter but no limits are and also highly exaggerated.

Apparently protects his face too hard and he greatly restricts freedom being forced to be more isolated and only to dream like the outside world and what she could offer not to mention that her friends could be counted on fingers.

Bit exaggerated this protection is based on two extremely important reasons for this father had to raise their daughter alone and if first love is too high in respect to it the second would be that is adolescence.

Therefore is aware that it is a young age and may be exposed to many dangers and believes that only if a permanent addition can keep it somewhat by giving the temptations of the world that needs so much safety.

But as no misfortune never comes alone seems that soon contacts a very dangerous epidemic that spreads on how slowly as rapidly transforms Maggie but not only on the acre are infected zombies and cancel them human side.

All because of this fear and nobody trusts anybody can believe that he is lying when they say they are not contaminated and human relationships are not normal and all live isolated for fear lest he be the next victims.

But Maggie’s father was not interested in this issue and do everything it can to get even with his life to save historrents movies free download daughter and find a cure but it fight for survival is not an easy one because other obstacles arise.