Freeman Twumasi

Health Advocate in South Amboy, NJ

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I'm a friendly, dedicated Health Advocate and member of the American Heart Association's Council on Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health with background in remote customer support, and experience in the health, wellness, and CPR education industry.

Naturally inclined to genuinely understanding and helping others, my engagement with the AHA -- through which I have extensive experience as a Training Center Administrator -- has made it easier for me to communicate with, and support individuals and groups of people from diverse backgrounds. I just love helping people and I find gratification especially when my assistance removes stress and leaves healthier, lasting customer experience.

I consider myself a versatile life-long learner with unique level of focus for self-improvement, teamwork, and tolerance for difficult situations. These attributes, which I think are crucial to the success of any team, drove my decision to create simple, time-saving video and text-based on-boarding materials that didn't exist at my previous training center.

I'm available for full-time roles or exciting projects. Time is precious, so let’s get started!