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Being a parent is hard and nobody can know that until just moments you do not have children and then each apply what rules and methods they want to grow and educate even if they are the best or not is their own decision download for free mystery torrents movies.

“The Virgin Suicides” tells the story of Lisbon husbands who have five girls and that seems like only they know how hard it is to grow them and to protect them from the temptations and dangers of this world keep them under strict surveillance.

Therefore their five daughters Therese, Mary, Bonnie, Lux and Cecilia are imprisoned and can not escape anymore under the absolute control of their parents and wanting to be like the other girls and have fun but the outside world is forbidden for their part.

Probably because of this strict lives that we need to be doing is rather unfortunate Cecilia and her parents relented it any further thought to throw a party but would not have imagined that what was supposed to be a guaranteed fun will be a total nightmare because the youngest takes life by throwing himself from the window.

From this tragedy other sisters have led a life even harder because their parents gave them some breathing even and that’s not following the path of their deceased sister and now could not even thinking about the outside world and even less to the boys in the neighborhood.

Yet the only way to further communicate with the outside world was through the school and it was not long until Lux met Trip Fontaine was her great love and he took the chance and he convinced his mother to let a ball along with other sisters course accompanied them.

But this first exit to the world that no one knew but they wanted to take part in it have brought trouble first because after torrents movies free download prom is over and it seems that ended his life after spending Lux as a night of love Trip intense it left her and now they go all living permanently isolated in their own home.