Ashley Ashley

Meetingpeople different missions in this world and if some deals with peacefulactivities that would ensuredownload torrents crime movies for freepeace and tranquility on the contrary others that participate in dangerousmissions life-threatening.

“BlueThunder” nickname comes from a guy just hired police helicopter and his missionis that this time the helicopter has become the new home of Los Angeles tooversee air back is the man who has everything under control.

Why itattracts so much attention and became an interesting figure?The answer is verysimple, namely that it is very careful in what you do and do not give noremaining failed and his mission is to eliminate targets without any mistakemost important deemed to constitute an imminent danger.

This way isthe simplest way to get rid of evil people can be more easily detected andobserved from above but without knowing and therefore is prepared against themwith full arsenal not caring that civilians will suffer.

Hisdedication and engagement results seen immediately as shoot no more and no lessthan four thousand rounds a minute and it's ability is appreciated and esteemedby all apart from those concerned who wish to take revenge.

In this caseit also adds that holds many secrets of men due to its latest devices is thefootsteps of some conspirators wanting to annihilate him at any price and whenshe hears the news that his life is in danger this pilot takes precautions.

Decides thathis only chance of salvation is to provide the press incriminating documentsthat would provide immunity and make this step but it's not all as easy aswould be expected that's because it feels constantly watched and fears for hissafety.

Now backbefore the start one of the toughest duels of his life alone in the fightagainst an army of villains who let themselves guided by anger against him andthe thirst for revenge and what follows in this quarrel has consequences forall movies torrents free download.