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Each man was born in a certain country is not random because everyone has the mission and goal

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of where you put the time and find out what happened so and not otherwise.


” introduces Ajay believed that if he is a civilian and who sees some of his work which makes it very well find that beyond all unwittingly discovers some secrets that can bring destruction not only his but also the country to which it belongs.

His daily occupation is that of an officer who is part of an elite team and seems to be one of the best because almost all carry out the tasks and therefore is respected but every job has some risks and he could not be any exception.

And so it is that and get your job because of reports that his country is in the viewfinder of terrorists who do not leave until they take their plotting an evil attack and fulfillment and this is a threat to everyone.

But his country and people who live in need of a miracle because it would be their only salvation and all are trying hard because people have lost hope and not fear anyone relate with others and desperate situations call for desperate measures.

Jay must bring a ray of hope and know that all responsibility is on his shoulders and guided by this thought now but to fight for his life and gathers its best team to prevent these terrorists to destroy the future and everything you have built so far.

It is a challenge and a supreme test for him in this fight against time that mistakes are not allowed because he will pay dearly not only his country but so are planning a well thought out plan that relies and he knows that this is the last chance that they do everything depends on them.


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all start in this race against time although many of them are aware that it might be the last race of their lives but fear is no longer an obstacle for them so go on the premise all or nothing.