Kring Ratliff

Sometimes seniors can be fierce about keeping their

independence - some would say down-right stubborn. However it is difficult

to give up looking after yourself and give the reins to

Somebody else. It can reduce their spirits to depend on others to

do jobs they used to do this easily.

How will you help without removing their independence?

Following are five a few ideas from-the e-book, '101

Approaches to Change the Planet.' Use them to wake up your

own ideas. Let us keep our seniors involved with life - they're a

Useful thing!

1. When you have a previous computer that still works, go to an

elderly person.

Teach how to use it to send and receive mail. Give them

A link to the world.

What a great way to keep them linked to their family and

friends who are probably online too.

Their kiddies and grandkids will think they are so great, and be so

impressed that the computer was mastered by them!

Become an E-mail Pen Pal with them yourself!

2. To get another interpretation, consider having a view at: free spirits. Help somebody throughout the house who's elderly or ill. You




Mow the lawn

Shovel snow

Take out trash

Just browse around. You will end up able to find what has to be done. Get more on the affiliated essay by navigating to sponsor.

Get the aid of a, when there is a comprehensive list of things to do

couple others - take a lunch along and make it a party! The

senior may appreciate the support and the organization.

3. Get daily walks with the elderly friend who does not feel

comfortable or safe going out by themselves. Exercise can help keep

them mobile and keep their spirits up, also. And you might just

Understand tidbits of history and wisdom from their perspective.

4. Birds are always a delight to look at for folks who are


Dominate a bird feeder and keep it filled up with birdseed.

Hummingbirds are fun to watch. Browse here at the guide to free spirit to read t