Freja Harrell

New York, NY

A multidisciplinarian and perpetual inquirer, I unite analytical with creative. Since a couple of years back I work, immersed in my passion, at the internationally acclaimed Gagosian Gallery. Prior to this, I divided my time between entrepreneurial projects in art and investment, and leading the development of a social network to promote young Swedish women in international business. I also helped launch The Starving Artists Project, a non-profit initiative giving the NYC homeless community’s artful cries for help a larger platform to inspire greater action.

Before crossing the pond and making Manhattan my heart and home, I worked to increase cross-border business between Sweden and the rest of the world. At a semi-governmental non-profit, I planned international health and biotech innovation summits, organizing delegational projects at Swedish embassies across the globe. All while completing my degrees in business and art history.

I am intrigued and inspired by (mostly) contemporary painted masterpieces, popularized quantum physics (devour all Michio Kaku’s books), social innovation and anything that represents a fragment of a more complex situation. Curious about bubble universes, tech advancements and the general future of things.