Fresh Prospective

April M. Hamey's expertise expands business development, account management, marketing and sales for industries such as Banking, Real Estate, non-profit, Motorsports, Construction, Excavation, Healing Arts, and many more.

April has developed and produced a variety of programs to help her clients, and employers diversify their businesses, maintain customer relations and boost new business. Her programs have also increased awareness for home owners, home buyers and real estate investors. She works in both the residential and commercial field and has received acclaim from top producing agents and lenders throughout the country. She has been invited to speak at various real estate seminars, business development seminars and has produced classes and events on: selling and buying your home on your own, first time home buyer, and investor needs.

She has also produced a marketing presentation on Co-Marketing Effectively and Effieciently, The importance of a cheerleader in business,The 2nd ask after the first no~overcoming rejection, Quicktips to Prospecting “networking knowledge 101” and many more. She has helped people in many different aspects of the real estate industry as well as small business owners define their career purpose and grow business.

April has recently written a workbook on the steps to co-marketing effectively and is currently holding workshops to help walk business owners, sales and marketing staff through the process. Her workshop and workbook has helped numerous business owners, and sales staffs begin a new and lucrative way to market and increase their ROI. She has been told by business people taking her workshops that it has been the best workshops they have ever been to and her information works and shows results immediately.