Freshwadda Brooks:

Freshwadda Brooks a/k/a 1 Truth is from Beverly and “Your Age.” He is an American Song writer, Poet and Vocal performing Renaissance Man. Freshwadda entered the music industry by way of legendary Death Row Records through executive Jonathan Hay of Jon Hay Publishing and WideAwake Entertainment Group. WideAwake is part of an entertainment group which consist of: JHP, Hoopla, WideAwake, Death Row and E One.

Jonathan signed Freshwadda, an artist from his home city and state of Louisville, Kentucky to a marketing/distribution deal in November of 2012. Due to company restructuring at Death Row, Freshwadda continued working on multiple projects as an Independent preparing to release his first EP titled: The New 7 Day Theory: Day 1 The Cleanse, a play off Tupac Shakur’s album The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory and organizing the material for his first Album titled: Common Wealth.

Freshwadda’s song Christmas Time Again appeared on A Different Kind of Christmas with legend Jerome “BigFoot” Brailey of Parliament Funkadelics and veteran Buffalo Stille of the Nappy Roots. Be on the look out for a collaboration from Freshwadda and B Stille, titled Touch The Sky.

Main collaborator/producer Tarius “3 Lvls UP” Holt stationed in North Carolina by way of Louisville from Ohio puts sound to the Complete Thoughts of Freshwadda. Offerings from producers as far away geographically as Finland, Klaus “Principle Beats” Kiljunen, to Joshua “Bandman” Naylor another Louisville Artist/Producer provide additional dynamics that make Freshwadda Brooks a fresh sound.

Latest single TONITE [feat. Smoke E.] (from the EP) produced by Holt, features another Louisville talent in the form of Louisville group Playa’s lead singer Smoke E. Digglera. Freshwadda spent over a year following protocol to release the single from controlling company Notting Hill and original composer and writer Dana Meyers whom wrote the song for the group Shalamar. Freshwadda introduced TONITE in Louisville, Kentucky and numerous Coast2Coast mix tapes on Super Bowl Sunday of 2014. The single is gaining traction and assisting in pushing Freshwadda’s Renaissance agenda.