Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt has taken the frozen dessert world by storm. Just like the coffee shop craze of the 90's and 00's you can now find a frozen yogurt shop in almost every fashionable area and in most shopping malls. Offering a lower fat alternative to ice cream, frozen yogurt has different tastes for its different admirers.

The european style frozen yogurt is tart and typically contains now or very little fat The american style frozen yogurt has a taste similar to ice cream, containing some fat but typically much less than ice cream.

I am on a mission to find the best tasting frozen yogurts in both styles and I need your help to point me in the direction of your favourites so please email me with your recommendations

So far my favourites are:

1. I Love FY - American Style; tastes just like ice cream. I could not believe it was frozen yogurt. Available in the UK only

2. Pinkberry - European Style; Tart tasting but very refreshing. I did not feel lethargic at all after a big portion of this. Available in the USA only

3. SNOG: - European Style: Tart tasting and the green tea flavour stands out as the best. Available in the UK only