Henrik Just Fruergaard

The name is Fruergaard, Just Fruergaard - or Henrik (Just) Fruergaard.

Im a professional headhunter, business entrepreneur and networker, and i am passionate in everything i do, and dedicates my self 100% in the jobs and projects i surround my self with.

Headhunting, Board member, Director, Partner or Consultant - thats just 5 opportunities of working with me... Interested in getting your business, project or concept moving - its Just a mail, and you're there :-)

My CV contains words like: headhunter/recruiter, e-commerce, management consulting, business & sales development, social media, coaching/training, seminars and networking.

I can move you're business if you are in the start-up phase, or if you just need to go to the next level. Personal coaching/mentoring and buddy'ing, is also skills and services i provide :-)

Quotes by me: En ægte gentleman er en mandschauvinist med stil