Rae Howell

Rae Howell is 35 and the founder/organizer of THE FRUGALISTA CHICK BLOG & FRUGALISTA CHICKS OF SAN ANTONIO. She is married to a great guy and live in a small apartment. Her husband is a RACKER!!! (Yeah Rackspace!) Although they don't have children, they do have a baby girl --- a furbaby named Lulu who is almost always by their side. Rae started couponing after a number of health issues lead to her being unable to work. The stress of balancing a budget on one income and her ever increasing medical bills had her at the end of her ropes. TA-DAH!!! Her Savior (Kathy Spencer of How to Shop For Free) was on the TV talking about all the stuff she got for free with coupons. She tried it but got discouraged and started reading about couponing. After doing all sorts of research, she was completely confused THAN TLC's Extreme Couponing was on and she was hooked. She was determined to get her grocery bill down and make it work!!! Almost 6 months later, she can now have shopping trips at multiple stores spending less thant $10 TOTAL. Couponing allows her and her little family to have the extra money to do some of the fun things they missed since losing her income. This journey lead her to start FRUGALISTA CHICKS OF SAN ANTONIO to give other San Antonio families the opportunity to come together and save more money too. She looks forward to growing the group and the her BLOG.