Orthodox Catholic Monastery Our Lady Joy of All Who Sorrow

Hieromonk in Michigan

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The Orthodox Catholic Monastery of Our Lady Joy of All Who Sorrow, a Nonprofit Domestic Corporation incorporated in the State of Michigan, is an Orthodox Catholic religious institution located in the Village of Oxford, about 50 miles north of Detroit, Michigan. Our tiny monastery is better considered a hermitage or poustnia (Russian: пустынь). The poustinia is a place where anyone — in any walk of life — can go for silence, solitude, and prayer. A pustinnik (Russian: пустынник) is one who has been called by God to live life in union with God in the service of humanity through prayer, fasting, and availability to those who might call upon him or her. The pustinnik's call is not necessarily to a specific geographic location, but rather to the “desert of one's own heart” wherein the pustinnik seeks to dwell in union with God, offering prayer and penance to God in atonement, intercession, reparation for one's sins and those of one's brothers and sisters.... To go into the poustinia means to listen to and to seek union (Greek: θέωσις) with God. Whenever anyone had something they wanted to talk about—a question about prayer, a problem, a special joy or sorrow—they could go to the poustinnik for counsel. The pustinnik is one who listens and shares the love of Christ with all whom he or she encounters, as well as a cup of tea or some food; whatever one has is shared, as God has shared all with him or her. Through our life of prayer and work, we strive to serve the Lord and propagate our faith and its teachings for ourselves and our posterity, uniting together exclusively for the worship of God in the Holy Trinity; for the receiving of the Holy Sacraments; for the observance of the faith, morals and discipline of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church of America.

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    • Youngstown State University
    • Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Seminary
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