Marco Ferreira

Oliveira do Bairro, Aveiro, Portugal

Physiotherapist linked to sport from an early age, having been highly competitive athlete in Track & Field (Javelin Throw).
Began career in sport too early, even before finishing his degree.
Developed their knowledge and practice at the level of sport clubs in the region of Coimbra (Portugal).
Recently began the practice of physiotherapy with tennis players.
Here achievement tracking personal and individualized training in fitness, injury prevention and active recovery and / or tissue regeneration.

Actually, personal physical therapist of Belinda Bencic (SUI)
Responsible for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation as well as all the physical part of the athlete.

  • Work
    • Michal Novotny
  • Education
    • Escola Superior De Tecnología Da Saúde De Coimbra
    • Coimbra Health School