Michelle Fullerton

I am interested in helping people find out what full coverage foundation is best for their skin. Whether that’s oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin, mature skin, or some type of combination skin. I know what it means to be more confidence about appearance and I want to help.

I think we all go through a few phases when we’re not sure what the world around us thinks about our appearance. I know, I know, the self-help gurus tell us we’re not supposed to listen to the world out there and to just tough it out inside.

Yeah, well, that’s pretty hard to do, thank you very much!

I do know confidence and self esteem is something we all have to work on daily in order for it to grow and for us to be stronger. But every little bit of help we can get along the way is just that much better.

So yeah, I don’t look at full coverage foundation makeup as the end all be all when it comes to looking better for life, but I do think it is a very good place to start. It’s a sort of easy fix while I work on the harder fixes.

What harder fixes? The health aspects on the outside and the mental aspects on the inside. I have to get my head right, I know this, but I also need to work on my skin. I know makeup isn’t forever and I’ll face the music one day.

So I guess the full coverage foundation website is more of my journey through this silly world of appearances and looks. Whatever. All I know is we can all help our confidence just a little bit more by a pretty simple couple of steps in the morning. Moderation is key… and so is working on the other inside stuff at the same time.

I like to think of makeup as kind of a stepping stone to crossing the river. You see the other side, but are only seeing how to get there one step at a time. And I’m okay with that. So here goes. This is the journey and thank you for being here with me.

Let’s work on getting this full coverage foundation thing under control, right? Right!