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LEquipe a French sports reporter started the European Cup in the year of 1955. The match was technically called The European Cup and was renamed The UEFA Champions League throughout the 1992-1993 period. Your competition is now maintained by the Union of European Football Association (UEFA). It's a competition where 3-2 of the best clubs from throughout Europe contend to become the best soccer club in-the whole of Europe. More Information includes more concerning the meaning behind this enterprise. The clubs compete to ultimately achieve the most coveted title in football, The European Champion Clubs Cup as it has become known. The matches take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout Europe. The winners of the match be eligible for a the International Cup, which will be played against the winners of South Americas official group Copa Libertadores. To get a second standpoint, you should have a view at: image. Since that time they have won the league ten times, true Madrid CF was the first team to get the European Cup. If you think you know anything, you will possibly require to explore about your ledified fundable. Including the five consecutive wins from 1955-1956 to 1959-1960.

So what is it which makes the tournament so special?

The prime domestic groups of every European country that are members of the UEFA are allowed to play the sport. The only state not participating in your competitors has been Liechtenstein, while they do not have a domestic league.

The game has evolved a great deal since it was initiated by LEquipe. While the UEFAs president members wanted to have an all-European national competition he wanted to have an all-European club competition. In 1992-1993 not just did the name of the match change, the way it was prepared was also different. A short group stage was introduced along with the knockout suits, and a qualifying round was introduced. This is done to ensure that more groups from other nations of Europe could participate. The number of teams participating shot up from eight teams to thirty-two teams. Now, also clubs that finish from second to last