teak furniture

Energy saving can be started from our own homes. Build or renovate a House should not simply concerned with sheer style, but there are tips for eco-friendly home.

There are several options that can be done to make the House energy efficient. Here are a few steps that you can do:

Lighting with high efficiency
On the market sold energy-efficient bulbs that claim. These lights are indeed valuable relatively expensive in the initial purchase, but have we ever thought about life cost him? A quality light ugly is definitely teak furniture more often damaged and demanded change, and that means spending money, isn't it? So when shopping for electronic equipment, strive to choose that does really energy efficient.

Lighting the sky and daylight
God gives the gift of the Sun and the sky that can serve as a source of light in the morning to the afternoon. There are two strategies to the lighting, lighting the side and top. When applied with good planning and design in our homes, it is not impossible to replace electric lights function and ultimately save the cost of electricity.

Outer space typology, the skin of the building, and ventilation
The building of leather or pelingkup that has great heat hantaran barriers will affect the comfort of the room. So also with glass openings, typology, as well as the terrace at the implication of thermal comfort of occupants of the home. We must remember the hot rays of the Sun affect the temperature of the space in via three ways: conduction, convection and radiation. Material selection and design typology and good ventilation openings will have implications for the convenience and energy, especially when we often use AIR CONDITIONING or a fan.

A cool roof
It is kind of weird to hear this term. The intent of this term is the roofing materials have a value it can heat resistance large enough and has good heat-reflecting ability. Roofing material from the land