eri ♡♡

witch in Argentina

eri ♡♡

witch in Argentina

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hii i'm azul/eri and my links are under co so :///


- erika furudo

- tsumugi shirogane

i'm k w doubles but pls lmk !


- mikan tsumiki. same rules as before !

comforts ♡;


gfff ♡;

- iLOVE hirona so much (@yukimurakira) she's yuno, ibuki mioda n mirai kuriyama. she loves atsushi a WHOLE lot so i recommend u not to follow if u kin w him or any of the characters i mentioned thx♡♡

don't follow if ♡;

- you won't interact w me ://

- you associate w a girl named jess/miki or whatever her name is n her bf oliver. i'll sb right awaYyYYYyy without hesitation

THAT'S ALL ig dm me a pic of junko or a little introduction 2 be accepted thxxx