Gabriela Carrasco

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I´m a professional Fashion Artist looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge and show my passion for fashion.

I specialize in Visual Merchandising, Social Media and Graphic Design.

I believe in hard work and loyalty in order to create a successful brand.

My interest in fashion started at a very young age but the activity that defined my career path was my experience as a fashion blogger in Mexico. When still in high school, I decided to start a blog along with two of my best friends in order to promote and expose worldwide Mexican culture, designers, entrepreneurs and artists. The blog had a great response and along with my team, we were recognized and invited to relevant fashion runway shows in Mexico City. It was the exposure to such events that lead me to consider fashion as a career.

After deciding to study abroad I directed my talent to the visual arts and communication in the fashion industry. I´ve gain experience in marketing, social media, graphic design and visual merchandising by working with Diesel Canada and Runway Crush. As an international student I´ve also improved my skills as a global citizen and expand my critical thinking.

My long term goals as a fashion artists and as a global citizen is to encourage passion and make a relevant change in the way fashion is consumed in order to improve the environmental situation. I rely in my creativity, passion and resourcefulness to achieve these intentions.

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    • Humber College
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    • Humber College