Gaye Crispin

Gaye Crispin - Changing Outcomes

I'm completely dedicated to promoting and championing women in business.

I'm a business strategist, sales trainer, and tele-sales trainer with over 30 years business experience. l love clever design, especially in business, and I work for the love of it.

My passions are people, the planet, children's happiness, business efficiency, smart marketing, sales-savvy selling, human rights, art, writing, painting, music, live shows and family - and not necessarily in that order. I also love horses, dogs, books, thinking, tactical games, the beach, good coffee and all things chocolate.

I don't like dirty shoes, waste, sloppy work, poor ethics or being late.

I'm currently devoting all my time to working on 2 special projects I saw a great need for. The first is empowering and celebrating a certain group of business women, and the second is providing support for a particular deserving group of children.

I'm completely driven to see both these projects safely launched and off the ground during 2011 - and changing outcomes.. for the better. 

Favourite sayings:

  • I love it when a plan comes together
  • All Things Come Too Late To Those Who Wait
  • If you think that hiring an expert is expensive, wait till you see what an amateur costs you!


Be well, be happy, be really is a beautiful world.  Gaye