genevieve (gen) de spa

Public Speaker in Staveley, New Zealand

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I have always questioned 'the system'. While Mum told me to get a job I enjoyed (but not acting, because that would never pay the bills) and that you had to get on and make the best of this life, I questioned why half of Africa was dying of starvation. Why women still had to fight to get equal rights. Why nuclear weapons? Why whaling?

Simple answer; its our economic system. Every major challenge we face; climate change, inequality, environmental degradation, peak oil, the health system crisis, crime, a failing education system... are all created and exacerbated by our economic system.

But we don't have to be slaves to it. We invented it, lets change it to suit us better.

I believe a fair society that looks after all its people and the environment it depends on IS possible. All we have to do is make it happen.

  • Education
    • Grad.dip Sustainable Practice Otago Polytech
    • Cert. Renewable Energy Technology Southland Institute of Technology