Gennaro Prota

Computer programmer in Lombardy, Italy

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I design and implement computer software. With a passion.

I'm very concerned with software engineering issues and producing software that is reliable and easy to maintain, on time and in budget.

I'm at ease with both application and library development.

You can see some code by me by clicking "Visit my website" above. And you'll find my LinkedIn profile linked to below.

For several years, I have been a frequent participant to comp.lang.c++.moderated, comp.lang.c++, and comp.std.c++ and I have contributed several defect reports for both the core and the library parts of the C++ language. I have also been in Boost in the past, sharing their goal to establish a proving ground for libraries to be proposed for standardization. But Boost's actual solutions don't match the good sense of that goal: they are often overdone, unduly meta-programmed and constitute pretty much a black box in terms of correctness and reliability, so I left.

In my Boost days, I completely rewrote dynamic_bitset (keeping the original interface by Chuck Allison and Jeremy Siek). That template is IMHO a good example of experiment that failed (and as such useful). I have a few ideas on what might work as a C++ standard facility, instead, for this important data structure but haven't come around to write an implementation down. If you are interested, out of intellectual curiosity or better yet out of real world programming needs, please drop me a line, which might encourage me to push something to GitHub.

I also like mathematics, physics, linguistics and dogs. And I use to torture musical instruments when I'm not into any of the above, or feel inspired :-)