George Chen


George is a writer, musician, and comedian. Founded Zum magazine and record label in the '90s along with my sister Yvonne. Bands I played in include KIT, Chen Santa Maria, Common Eider King Eider, Vholtz, Boxleitner, etc. As a freelance writer I contributed pieces to the San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Wire, The Stranger, East Bay Express,, Tokion, and SF Chronicle. Explored the tech world after a lengthy stint in the music industry, working at a record store in Oakland.

Show promoter with Club Sandwich (2006-2010) and programmer at Berkeley Art Museum's [email protected] series in 2010-2011. Steering Committee member of San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2010-2012. Aspiring stand up comic, talk show host, and podcaster. Comedy booker at Lost Weekend Video's Cynic Cave.