Geoff Hall

Writer and Filmmaker in Bristol United Kingdom

Geoff's interests as a writer of fiction are focused on the erosion of human rights through a totalitarian Corporate States. He leads his characters on the pursuit of justice. His new novel "Owl", a supernatural political horror story is to be published in 2017.

Synopsis: The Group is a small community of dissidents: artists and technophiles who subvert State policies and the social limitations placed upon them imposed through a basic education, in preparation for menial work. Strix is a Librarian by day, but a poet philosopher by night. He, like others in The Group is prone to physical objects triggering visions about the true nature of reality, seeing beyond the simulation of the State's social control and the oppression of its citizens.His life is further disturbed by the appearance of a young Spanish girl, Falco, who has escaped the economic recession in her country along with the pressure to join her mother in the world of prostitution, to help her family financially. She brings an evocative mix of sensuality and spirituality to his life.Technological development is limited to maintaining systems of liquid surveillance, rapid transfers of capital, high-performance communications systems and basic security measure...all served by human Technodrones.

Technopoets are the true innovators of a subterranean technology, who shun the old ways of violence and pursue subversive, passive resistance. Violence, they believe, only tightens the iron grip of the Corprorate State.

However...the State is watching, even in their vision states and their lives will change in more ways than they can imagine!

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