Gerasil Coria

If you're on this page, you're probably curious about me (pun intended) with that said let me start by saying Hello! My name is Gerasil or Geri for short, I am a mid 20 something experienced digital coordinator interested in all things digital specifically within eCommerce. In many of the jobs I've embarked, I've been known as the jill of all trades. I am proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Creative Briefs, HTML (basic coding), Data Analysis, and Karaoke!

I also occasionally freelance as an eCommerce community manager helping small businesses build their online shops and utilize social media to engage with their online audience, to create content suitable to their business needs.

I truly believe that happiness starts within, and that everyone should always take a moment for the simple pleasures in life (Hello Netflix!) . I am always open to new experiences and meeting new people so if you like what you've read so far, I am even better in person so get @ me...literally my personal twitter & instagram links are right under this biography (geritron). Along with my personal links below, you can find some of my current & past social media accounts I've worked on.