Gia Scott


I'm like a lot of people, I would rather talk about the weather than beat my own drum.

So make it easy for me. Accept that I am wonderful & unique.

I do a lot of things--I write, both fiction & non-fiction. I live in the South, but I'm not a native Southerner. I've lived a day or two, since I am "ever so much more than 20", so I've tried a lot of things. I'm also a grandma to the most unique & beautiful young lady imaginable. (Hey, she's my only, I can be ridiculous about her!) I have a very patient & supportive husband too, as well as 3 rescue dogs.

I'm disabled, outdoorsy, artsy-craftsy, creative, bossy & original. I cook, bake, sew, glue, wire, etc. I've learned to ask for help (at least SOMETIMES) & to do things smarter & in smaller bites.

I write, I read, I review, and repeat, but not necessarily in any kind of order that anyone else perceives. In between, I talk about writing, reading, reviewing, and try to avoid the 'rithmatic.

Did I mention that I am a firm believer that women CAN do it? (And should get paid to do it equally?) I am also very concerned about women's rights, and believe all women should be. Men & women are different (duh!) but that does not make one or the other superior.

I'm pro-choice, but not pro-abortion. I believe in separation of church & state. I think being politically correct is silly, but being derogatory towards others is wrong. I'm also supportive of same sex marriage. I think a lot of people would be better off if they quit worrying about what kind of sex consenting adults are having/not having & devoted themselves to more productive occupations.

And just when you thought you were going to tag me a liberal, I believe in the right to bear arms & own a gun. Violence is a symptom of a deeper problem than gun control will ever address or solve.