Gianfranco D'Aversa

Head of ICT Department in Città del Messico, Messico

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I am an experienced Instructional Designer, Educational Technologist and e-Learning Developer with over 20 years of experience and work through a variety of media within the Graphic Design and Interactive Design. I have worked in both Public and Private Sectors advising schools on best use of their ICT to fill its full potential for teaching and learning. I have taught students of all ages, from toddlers through college professors. This wide range of experience allows me to provide end-to-end eLearning and instructional design services as well as provide support during any stage of the development process.

My research and development work includes Design Thinking, Technology Enhanced Learning, Mobile Technology and Learning Space Design. I offer end-to-end Instructional Design and e-Learning Services. I am comfortable with any level of project, including fully remote or face2face training. This experience also makes me an excellent team member for any eLearning project. I can easily step in to any phase of a needs assessment, design, development, implementation, or evaluation process.

l am a strong believer that the world of teaching andlearning is changing rapidly within schools, with new ways of learning and newspaces for students to learn. I have been investing time in looking at newproducts and devices that schools are using, or thinking about using, sotablets within schools and cloud based products that schools can adopt and useto help progress the school's vision of their ICT in education. With my workingexperience, I not only gained the ability to teach and design curricula fordiverse students but also understand how to support teachers in implementingmeaningful technology in their classrooms, use a multitude of programs that canbe applied in education, and incorporate technology to help students learn.

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