Gillian Hoyer

Victoria BC

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Life is a journey and everyone has a story to tell. My professional life centres around walking alongside people on their own journeys for a time, and helping them figure out what their story is and how to tell it.

From the galley of a tall ship, food becomes the vehicle for hearing story and understanding journey. As I travelled and worked alongside young people trying to sort out life, stories were told and life-changing development happens. And we travel together.

Over coffee with a homeless person, I hear about their life. Day-in and day-out we challenge the social status quo and we work together to sort through some of the traumas, the mental illness, and the addictions that have prevented them from becoming stablely housed. We share life stories as I have as much, if not more, to learn from them as they could possibly learn from me. And we walk together.

With friends, coworkers, and fellow students, I discuss matters spiritual. Who am I? Who is God? As I journey through my next educational path, I tell my story and I listen to the stories of people around me who have all enountered the church in their own unique ways. And we journey together.